The mystery surrounding the date of this year’s Google I/O, Google’s annual developer conference in Mountain View, California, is solved. The search engine operator had kept fans worldwide on their toes with a small space puzzle shortly before the official announcement of the event. Now the date of this year’s Google I/O has been announced.

The Google developers have not let themselves be lenient. With a fancy space game, Google has called on the world to find out the date for this year’s Google developer conference. Google fans had to “repair” satellite groups and frequencies in a web interface to bring the signal strength to 100 percent. So teamwork was required.

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But Google’s puzzle did not hold back the “secret” of the developer conference for long. A few hours after the game was released Sundar Pichai announced the date. The Google I/O will, therefore, take place from May 12 to 14, 2020, as was previously assumed.

Google surprises: what we expect at the Google I/O

Traditionally, Google CEO Sundar Pichai heralds the developer conference in California with a keynote unveiling new products and plans of the search engine company. So it may well be that we can catch the first glimpse of Google’s new mobile operating system Android 11. After the Google Pixel 3a was also surprisingly shown last year, there could be a successor for the Google smartphone this year: the Google Pixel 4a.

Details about the features of the Google Pixel 4a currently exist only in the minds of analysts and tech designers. The new mid-range smartphone with a pinhole camera in the display and razor-thin screen bezels could come off as such. Let us be surprised!

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