The update to Android 11 is slowly turning into a major fiasco for Android Auto users, as those who install the new OS version on their devices come across all kinds of issues in their cars.

More specifically, in addition to the 10 major Android Auto bugs experienced after the Android 11 update, it looks like some are also struggling with Google Maps, as the navigation app is no longer working correctly on this new operating system.

The good news is that all these Google Maps problems are still in their early days, but the bad news is that so is Android 11, as the update is currently available only for select devices, including Google’s very own Pixel series.

There are two different issues hitting Google Maps on Android Auto after the update to Android 11.

First of all, it’s the navigation box displaying the next turns that no longer shows up on the screen in Android Auto.

Pixel 2XL running Android Auto. Everything was fine until updating my pixel to Android 11. Then all of a sudden, Google Maps doesn’t work correctly in Android Auto – the green nav line and nav box won’t show after a route has been found and after ‘navigate’ has been clicked,” one user explains in a post on Google’s forums.

Then, someone else says that Google Maps audio navigation no longer works properly, as the spoken directions are cut off all of a sudden.

When using Google maps, audible directions are cut off mostly at the halfway point sometimes almost completely. Stranger though is that Waze audibles work great!” a Google Pixel 4 XL owner adds.

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At this point, Google is yet to acknowledge these problems, but I’ve seen plenty of Android 11 bug reports in the last few days from Android Auto, so there’s a good chance the company is already working on fixes.



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