Saturday, November 27, 2021

Google Messages now plays better with Apple’s iMessage

(Pocket-lint) – A new update rolling out to Google Messages allows Android users to see iMessage reactions as actual emojis, rather than confusing strings of text.

The code was discovered in a beta version of Google Messages, and implied the new feature would build in support for iMessage reactions. The update is rolling out now according to 9to5Google.

Previously the system handled iMessage reactions in a messy way that could cause a lot of inconvenience, especially in large group chats.

Instead of showing the emoji, a string of text would describe the reaction. For example, a heart emoji would appear as “(Name) loved (full message content)” in Google Messages.

The worst part is that it would appear as the latest message, so instead of easily following the conversation in a large group chat, you would be constantly notified of people’s reactions to older messages.

With the new update, Android users will see the emoji attached to the appropriate message, just as would be expected. 

Google Messages translates the iMessage emoji to equivalents from Rich Communications Services (RCS). The app will also show “translated from iPhone” when tapping on a message’s reaction emoji.

There’s no official message from Google as to when you can expect support to land on your Android phone but it appears to be slowly rolling out right now, with some users already having access to the feature.

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