Microsoft has done it in Windows, now Google follows with Android: From now on, Google actively reminds its users that there are other browsers apart from Chrome. Google now even offers direct links to the installation of the Chrome alternatives – all under pressure from the EU Commission.

On Android smartphones and tablets, it will be easier to use a browser other than Chrome in the future. Google itself gives users an overview of which browsers other than Chrome they can use. Alternative search engines can also be installed. Among the alternatives that Google offers are famous competing browsers such as Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Opera as well as Qwant, DuckDuck Go or Ecosia, which explicitly position themselves as counterparts to Google.

android choice app screen.max 1000x1000
This is the browser selection in Android / © Google

A good two months ago, Google promised the EU Commission that it would grant European Android users the new browser freedom. The decision is not without reason, because the EU authorities had imposed a fine of 5 billion dollars on Google for Chrome’s monopoly position.

Options directly in Chrome

The browser selection screen is part of an update to Google Play Services that is currently being rolled out. The possibility is also pointed out in Chrome itself. However, the company does not reveal which Android versions Google provides with the selection.

All Android users in Europe should receive this message soon when they receive the Play Store update. For new smartphones, the option to install an alternative browser should be displayed directly.

By the way: You shouldn’t install some of the browsers that Google also offers according to screenshots of users, because it is in our list of five apps that you have to uninstall as soon as possible.

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