Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Google’s Pixel Tablet is a Top Android Slab Buy at 20% Off

If you’re wanting to snag a versatile Android tablet before the year caps off, then there’s a great opportunity hanging around for you. Google’s Pixel Tablet, which is also a hybrid smart display with speaker dock, is on sale on Amazon today. The set is now $100 cheaper or a 20 percent off from the usual price.

With this deal, you’re getting the Pixel Tablet with a 128 GB storage at its best price of $399. It’s also available in 256 GB option as well, which retails at $499 or similarly discounted for $100. These prices are the same from we saw during the Black Friday and other major sales this year.

Why buying the Google Pixel Tablet is an exceptional investment for many Android users

Google’s Pixel Tablet (review) arrived on the scene in the middle of this year. Although it doesn’t boast the same flagship specs of the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, it does bring a well-balanced specs-to-price ratio along with extra functionalities that make it a recommendable slate. It’s even a more compelling purchase now that it is cheaper.

In terms of features, it has a very sharp 11-inch IPS LCD screen at 2560 × 1600 pixels and outputs 500 nits brightness, which is more than average in its class. This is enclosed in a sleek aluminum chassis while the overall form is compact and lightweight. There is also a support for stylus pens through the USI 2.0, and with the Android 14 update, it received further enhancing features to support writing and note-taking.

A person is playing a game on the Google Pixel Tablet using a connected Xbox controller.
Using the Pixel tablet with a dock station connected to a gamepad was great, and the enhanced audio quality improved the gaming experience. / © nextpit

What makes the Pixel Tabet standout among many Android tablets alternatives is its flexibility. It can be turned into a smart display when docked to its speaker/charging station. Essentially, this is very handy in numerous instances, including when you’re busy in the kitchen and want to view some recipes while cooking. Plus, the dock keeps the Pixel Tablet’s juice refilled continuously without any dangling cord plugged into the slab.

The Pixel Tablet is powered by a Tensor G2 chipset, which has a solid and reliable performance in everyday use or even when gaming. A decent amount of RAM at 8 GB is also available at its disposal, especially when running multiple apps at once.

The deal seems to stay for a few days or so, although it would be wise if to secure your savings right now. Likewise, tell us if you intend buying the Pixel Tablet at this rate.


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