A GoPro Hero 8 black, splashed in water.

GoPro is introducing experimental features for its “super users and forward-thinkers.” Through firmware updates, you can add new potential upcoming features that GoPro has been tinkering with behind the scenes. To start, it includes better stabilization and QR-code control.

The company says the first two features it’s showing off are original from internal hackathons, though the company isn’t calling them “beta” updates. As the company puts it:

These features may never make it to a camera release, but they’re cool enough and cooked enough to give you a taste.

First up is ReelSteady’s stabilization, which you can load to the GoPro Hero8 Black. ReelSteady offered impressive stabilization software for action cameras and drones until GoPro bought the company earlier this year.

And if control is what you desire, the new QR code feature might do the trick. You can set up QR codes that will fire off commands when the camera sees them, like turning on motion detection or starting a wake-up timer for remote start capture.

You can sign up for access today at the GoPro Labs site.

Source: GoPro via Engadget


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