Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Grab the 12.9-inch iPad Pro for $390 off before the deal vanishes

While we are past the stage of if you are buying a tablet, it better be an iPad or you are wasting your money, Apple’s slates are still in a class of their own. The iPad Pros, in particular, are unparalleled in performance. They can be quite pricey but Woot has taken care of that concern by offering a terrific year-end discount on the previous-gen 12.9-inch iPad Pro.
The 2021 12.9-inch iPad Pro has a vibrant miniLED screen, which is reason enough to buy the device. 
It runs on the desktop-class M1 chip that’s faster than any chip in top Android tablets. If you use powerful apps like Microsoft Office, LumaFusion, and Adobe Photoshop, you are going to need all that horsepower.

The chip also facilitates effortless multitasking, which is something you’ll appreciate if you like using a lot of apps at once and go back and forth between them. 

It’s not just the gorgeous screen and the speedy chip that makes the 12.9-inch iPad Pro unique. It also has some premium features that other iPads don’t have, such as a 120Hz screen and Face ID.

The M1 12.9-inch iPad Pro with 128GB of storage and cellular connectivity costs $1,199 but Woot has shaved $390 off its price and is selling it for $809.99. That’s a discount of almost $400 and you should go for it if you need a portable device that can do all the heavy lifting. 

Amazon is also offering a discount of 23 percent on the device.

It won’t just take care of hardcore tasks of today, but it will also be ready for any apps that are released in the future. If you like to do many things at the same time or your work involves demanding apps, other tablets may limit what you can do or struggle with tasks because they are simply not as powerful.


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