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Grand Theft Auto Online’s ‘Fixers’ Update Brings Back Dr. Dre

A leaker claims that they’ve heard some new information about Rockstar’s next update for Grand Theft Auto Online, which is named ‘Fixers.’

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Grand Theft Auto Online players are anxiously awaiting new information about the online multiplayer game’s next major update. It’s been nearly half a year since the Los Santos Tuners update, and more than half a year prior to that for the Cayo Perico Heist. That’s almost a full year with only one major Grand Theft Auto Online update. Yet evidence is growing that Rockstar’s getting close to what’s coming next. In fact, one leaker claims to know the codename of the next update: “Fixers.”

The leak and key rumors come from Rockstar news-sharer Tez2 on their Twitter account. Tez2 starts by saying that “as per sources” that are left unnamed, Grand Theft Auto Online‘s next update has the codename “Fixers.” Think of this name in the same way that the Los Santos Tuners update could have been codenamed “Tuners.” As such, where the Tuners update focused on Los Santos’ underground car races and vehicle customization, Fixers will have a similar thematic focus and content.


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Tez2, however, only has one other detail regarding the Fixers update that they share with any certainty. They mention that Dr. Dre will be involved with the Fixers update, continuing his role in Grand Theft Auto Online after his debut in the Cayo Perico Heist. However, since Tez2 doesn’t mention where they’ve heard this information from, it’s possible that they’re only speculating. It would be intuitive for Dr. Dre to continue his appearances, but a lot can change over a year.

While Tez2 doesn’t offer any other leaks, they do make some informed assumptions regarding where they think Grand Theft Auto Online will go next. They believe that, due to Dr. Dre’s involvement that Fixers could be music-related, with a recording studio business or something similar at its center. Otherwise, Tez2 believes Fixers will be akin to the Los Santos Tuners updates in that it’ll offer a variety of new, similar contracts.

It is worth making clear that this information isn’t wholly reliable. Tez2 isn’t necessarily a source with guaranteed information, plus the distinction between sourced leaks and speculation is ambiguous in this leak, as well. The best stance for Grand Theft Auto Online players to have remains being patient and skeptical until Rockstar makes an official announcement.

Patience has to be challenging to hold onto right now, however. Major Grand Theft Auto Online updates come so infrequently now, it’s no surprise fans latch onto rumors and leaks regardless of their veracity. Here’s hoping that Fixers is a serious leak and it means that an update is coming soon, if only to drive up excitement for next year’s PS5 and Xbox Series X/S ports.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox Series X/S support coming in March 2022.

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