Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Halo Infinite’s Fracture: Entrenched event launches with new Battle Pass and game mode

The second event of Halo Infinite Season 2, dubbed Fracture: Entrenched, has officially gone live. Like the Fracture: Tenrai event that ran throughout Season 1, Fracture: Entrenched is centered around a special themed armor set. The Yoroi armor from Fracture: Tenrai evoked the look of samurai warriors, but this time around, players can customize their Spartan to look like a heavily-armored trench defender with the new Eaglestrike armor core. 

Eaglestrike, as well as several pieces of armor for the core and other cosmetics, can all be unlocked by progressing Fracture: Entrenched’s free Event Pass. There are 30 tiers of this Event Pass in total, with each one awarding players a new unlock when reached. To progress the Event Pass, players will need to complete Event Challenges by playing the event’s featured game mode: Land Grab.

The Halo Infinite Land Grab mode.

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Land Grab is the latest mode to come to the Halo Infinite multiplayer experience, and it’s essentially a more chaotic version of King of the Hill. At the start of each Land Grab match, three neutral zones spawn in on the map. Capturing a zone locks it and awards the team that owns it a point, and once all three zones have been captured, they disappear and a new trio of zones spawn. This cycle continues until one team gets 11 points, giving them the victory.


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