Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Hate Auto Start/Stop? We Have The Perfect Way To Get Rid Of It

The thought behind auto start/stop was a novel one. It could help you seamlessly and effortlessly save gasoline when stopped and, in turn, reduce emissions. But, while this was an innovative feature, it has become the bane of many drivers’ daily drives. This feature doesn’t always work as intended because the engine needs to boot up every time to get going. Instead of helping to make each drive more enjoyable and relaxing, the constant restarting grinds the gears of some drivers. If you particularly hate this feature, the SwitchBot is here to help!

What is the SwitchBot?

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The SwitchBot is a small device available for purchase that can be programmed to do repetitive tasks. This small robot works through an app where you can set it up to do tasks when certain conditions are met. In the case of the auto start/stop feature, you can have the SwitchBot automatically hit the switch when you get into your car. This tool can turn off the feature right as you start the car, and you will not have to worry about hitting that button.


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