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Here are all the best iPhone trade in values after iPhone 13 launch

In case you missed it, the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max have arrived, and that means it’s time to trade in an older phone! We’re always trying to keep you updated on all the best iPhone, iPad, and MacBook trade in deals every month, and here’s what we’re finding for trade in values for iPhone 7 all the way through iPhone 12 Pro in the wake of the announcement.

Upgrading your phone can be a bit of a hassle if you don’t use Apple’s own iPhone Upgrade Program. There are lots of questions: Do you want to sell it yourself? Trade it in with your carrier? Trust one of those trade in sites? We’ll help demystify the process. For one, you can check out our trade in guide for the iPhone, which lays out all your basic options for selling/trading in your device and upgrading.

Looking to trade in your iPhone/upgrade to iPhone 13?

If you, like many, decide that trading in your device for an Apple Gift Card or cash is going to be the best mix of convenience and value, we’ve compiled some of the best trade in values we’ve found across the web below. These are all sites we would use ourselves, and you can click on any of the below links to learn more about the trade in process at each respective trade in destination.

Top iPhone 12 Pro trade-in values

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Top iPhone 12 Pro Max trade-in values

  • MyPhones via 9to5Mac: $425 cash (128GB, unlocked, good)
  • MyPhones via 9to5Mac: $500 cash (256GB, unlocked, good)
  • MyPhones via 9to5Mac: $550 cash (512GB, unlocked, good)
  • Gazelle: $389 cash (128GB, unlocked, good)
  • Gazelle: $474 cash (256GB, unlocked, good)
  • Gazelle: $555 cash (512GB, unlocked, good)
  • Decluttr: $670 cash (128GB, unlocked, good)
  • Decluttr: $720 cash (256GB, unlocked, good)
  • Decluttr: $830 cash (512GB, unlocked, good)

Top iPhone 12 trade-in values

  • MyPhones via 9to5Mac: $375 cash (64GB, unlocked, good)
  • MyPhones via 9to5Mac: $450 cash (128GB, unlocked, good)
  • MyPhones via 9to5Mac: $500 cash (256GB, unlocked, good)
  • Gazelle: $363 cash (64GB, unlocked, good)
  • Gazelle: $370 cash (128GB, unlocked, good)
  • Gazelle: $454 cash (256GB, unlocked, good)
  • Decluttr: $471 cash (64GB, unlocked, good)
  • Decluttr: $500 cash (128GB, unlocked, good)
  • Decluttr: $594 cash (256GB, unlocked, good)

Top iPhone 12 Mini trade-in values

  • MyPhones via 9to5Mac: $325 cash (64GB, unlocked, good)
  • MyPhones via 9to5Mac: $350 cash (128GB, unlocked, good)
  • MyPhones via 9to5Mac: $400 cash (256GB, unlocked, good)
  • Gazelle: $233 cash (64GB, unlocked, good)
  • Gazelle: $328 cash (128GB, unlocked, good)
  • Gazelle: $412 cash (256GB, unlocked, good)
  • Decluttr: $391 cash (64GB, unlocked, good)
  • Decluttr: $431 cash (128GB, unlocked, good)
  • Decluttr: $476 cash (256GB, unlocked, good)

Top iPhone 11 Pro trade-in values

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Top iPhone 11 Pro Max trade-in values

Top iPhone 11 trade in values

Find the top trade in values for older iPhone models here.

Notably, new Apple Trade In values have been published after the iPhone 13 announcement, and there are drops all across the board. You can trade in your iPhone through Apple Trade In for up to $790 for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Older phones have dropped in the wake of the iPhone 13 unveil.

How to prepare your device for trade in?

If you’re wondering about the process of actually preparing your iPhone for trade in or backing up your data and the like, you can check out our quick and easy guide on that too.

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Trade in other devices like Apple Watch and iPad?

Don’t forget the other devices you have laying around that can help you pay down the balance on that new phone! Check out our guides for iPhoneiPadApple WatchMacBook, and even your AirPods to help you pay off your new phone!

If you have an older device that isn’t an Apple device, you can also check out our rundown of the best trade in values over at 9to5Google — there, you’ll find trade in values for the Samsung Galaxy and Pixel devices you might want to ditch in favor of an iPhone 13.

Read more about the new iPhones:

Be sure to check out the following guides for more detailed information on your device trade in options:

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