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5 smartphone trends that will continue to redefine the future in 2021.

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. The year has forced the business to adjust to a new digital environment, boosting the use and need of technology in our daily lives. It is only natural for the technological world to keep innovating to empower its users and fill this gap. For innovators, it has now become important to not only keep up with the fast-moving technology trends but continue to evolve the existing ones too. As we now inch towards 2021, these 5 emerging technologies will continue to redefine the sector.

AR Glasses – Magic of sight?

Enhancing consumer experience is the ultimate purpose of innovation and Augmented reality is the next step to it. AR tools and devices are used by enterprises, brands, retailers, and companies for improving the consumer experience, advertising services, promoting products, launching campaigns, and enabling affordable customer service. With the launch of AR supporting wearable gear, it is all set to be a part of the new normal. AR glasses technology is has evolved over the years to include groundbreaking features like gesture-based interactions & spatial localization and voice interactions.

Not only this, there are apps available which allow the user to watch online and local HD videos and enjoy a home theatre-like IMAX viewing experience whenever and wherever they want. Not only this, when paired with AR glass, the multiplayer games provide a more immersive and diverse control, making the gaming experience even enriching.  

Another groundbreaking innovation in the field is the AR shooting feature, where a user gets to capture the virtual and real scenes simultaneously to enhance the AR-enabled fun without missing any exciting moments. The technology just has endless possibilities and it will be interesting to see what companies like OPPO, Microsoft, Niantic, and zapper will be coming up with to integrate augmented reality into our daily lives

5G – Future is Now

5G technology is no more a thing of the future with so many gadgets launching which have 5G capabilities already integrated into them. This is in line with consumer expectations as well, who consider 5G as a key smartphone purchase factor, as highlighted by a recent Cybermedia study. Not only this, the early 5G adopters and 5G intenders in India, are eagerly looking forward to upgrading to 5G-capable smartphones. This is because of the possibilities that the technology brings with it – better quality video creation and consumption, faster downloads, immersive AR/VR and gaming experience, and the ability to stream UHD videos. For consumers, 5G translates into superior speeds, while uploading, sharing on social media, or in streaming better quality videos, without any lags.

The technology is not far from coming in India with more and more telecom and smartphone players joining the race to make India 5G ready and Govt along with leading operators is also working towards 5G infrastructure.

Charging – Fast & Safe?

Till 2020 we saw multiple iterations of fast charging technologies and multiple brands have put forth numerous fast-charging products which can charge a smartphone from zero to 50% in just a matter of a few minutes. The on the go charging technologies, while seeming blazing fast, what we need to see now how do the OEMs make this technology as safe for the user, as they have made it fast. Taking up a holistic approach for these technologies is what will make a difference to the user – minimizing potential safety hazards and risks, providing an efficient and secure charging experience. OPPO is a brand that has focused on the safety aspect of fast charging in the past year.

The 125W charging technology introduced customized a battery safety monitoring chip to monitor in real-time whether the battery in the mobile phone is damaged by external forces when in use. Even their 65W wireless flash charge technology has a foreign object detection function for the real-time monitoring of foreign metal objects between the charging board and the mobile phone that may drain power and pose safety hazards. Once a foreign metal object is detected, charging will immediately be halted to prevent any potential hazards, which, coupled with temperature monitoring, adds to safety redundancy.

It’s all about screens!

The users these days, while they do want amazingly bigger displays, they don’t necessarily want a smartphone the size of a tablet. Hence, the smartphone brands needed to come up with innovative ways to meet this consumer need – giving rise to foldable displays and the more recent rollable screens! This year, smartphone brands such as OPPO have introduced OPPOX2021 Rollable Concept handset in which the display screen rolls out or opens up like a book to increase the display size.

Compared with foldable displays with fixed sizes, rollable displays are infinitely adjustable between their minimum and maximum sizes, opening up more possibilities for productivity, entertainment, and daily use. The text and the image automatically adjust according to the screen dimensions, giving a tablet-like experience. This means users need only tap a video and the phone will automatically adjust the screen size to suit the aspect ratio, providing a full-screen viewing experience at all times. The expandable screen technology is the next step towards display interaction, especially in the way we watch videos and play games on the smartphone.

Another factor about screen innovation is based on its usage. In the last year, all the working from home has resulted in long hours of screen time and created the need for enhanced colour management in display screens to reduce the strain on eyes. Ordinary phone display screens are unable to exactly replicate the original colours of the real world. This creates a gap between the real authentic colours of the world and the colours we view digitally. The colour management system reduces the gap. Thereby, delivering an outstanding viewing process with natural and authentic colour reproduction.

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