Saturday, October 23, 2021

Here’s How Big the iPhone 13 Batteries Are

iPhone 13 Pro colors

When Apple first announced the iPhone 13, one of the features that had us the most excited is the excellent battery life. The company claimed that it could see as much as 2.5 hours of extra battery life, but it didn’t tell us how big the new batteries were. However, we found out anyway.

According to a report from 9To5Mac, Apple has now published official battery capacities for the devices on the Chemtrec website.

iPhone 13 battery sizes

For the iPhone 13, Apple packed in a 12.41 watt-hour battery. The iPhone 12, for comparison, included a 10.78 watt-hour battery. That’s an increase of 15% in terms of battery size, which is no small change.

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Moving onto the iPhone 13 Mini, Apple bumped the battery to 9.57 watt-hours from 8.57. That’s a solid 11.6%.

The iPhone 12 Pro features the same 10.78 watt-hour battery as the iPhone 12, but the iPhone 13 Pro now has an 11.97 watt-hour battery. So you’ll get an 11% boost from the previous iPhone 12 Pro. That’s smaller than the regular iPhone 13, which is surprising, to say the least.

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The beastly iPhone 13 Pro Max comes with an equally imposing 16.75 watt-hour battery. Last year’s Pro Max featured a 14.13 watt-hour battery, which means it increased 18%—the most significant boost of any of this year’s devices.

According to Apple, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is rated for 28 hours of continuous video playback on a single charge. Based on the actual power offered by the battery and the more efficient A15 chip, that number seems attainable.

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