Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Hot new Surface Pro 9 deal proves some tablets can age like fine wine

If Microsoft’s “New” Surface Pro models don’t impress you that much with their apparent value for money, we’re afraid you no longer have a lot of buying options for the company’s “old” Pro 9 tablet with a 13-inch display and 12th Generation Intel Core processing power.

But some of the 2022-released options still available in 2024 are arguably more compelling than ever before, starting with an 8GB RAM-packing variant that Best Buy is selling at a new record low price of $714.99 on “clearance” for a little while now.

As hard to eclipse as that killer deal might seem at first glance, Woot is currently charging just $35 more for a Surface Pro 9 with double the memory, which certainly feels like better bang for your buck. Yes, if you hurry, you can get a whopping 16 gigs of RAM in addition to a zippy 256GB solid-state drive and a fittingly powerful 10-core Intel Core i5 processor at only $749.99.

If you’re wondering what the “catch” is, you should note that these are “factory reconditioned” units sold by the Amazon-owned e-tailer at an unprecedented discount. That can be a bit of an inconvenience for fairly obvious reasons, but if you ask us, it should absolutely not be treated as a total dealbreaker with a full 1-year Microsoft warranty included.

That’s exactly what you typically get with brand-new, unused, and unopened Surface devices, and according to Woot, these reconditioned products are “as close to new as you can get without technically being new.” That includes a thorough inspection process and a restoration to “fully working condition” conducted by the “original manufacturer or a certified partner.”

In short, you will almost definitely be pleased with both the way your Surface Pro 9 looks and how it works if you decide to take advantage of this outstanding promotion, which is technically set to run until Friday, June 28. Given the super-premium design and ultra-advanced specifications of this bad boy (even by 2024 standards), there’s a solid chance Woot will run out of inventory well before that date, so if you like uber-productive Windows tablets with a lot of screen real estate and excellent “all-day” battery life, it’s probably a good idea to hurry and pull the trigger ASAP.


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