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How Can Crypto Casinos Be Provably Fair?

If you’re new to cryptocurrency casinos, you’ve probably heard of provable fairness and provably fair slot games. Extensive technology is becoming more prevalent in both crypto and non-crypto online casino NetBet games. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, here’s a brief explanation of how it applies to modern bitcoin casinos.

Provably Fair Definition

Provably fair gambling is the newest technology to grace the world of online gambling. Because it is unique, the majority of gamblers are unaware of it. Currently, the technology is used primarily in bitcoin or cryptocurrency casinos and games. Provably fair is a term that refers to an algorithm that verifies and validates an online casino’s fairness toward its players. It eases the majority of players’ fear that online gambling sites will defraud them.

 Three variables are used to determine whether something is provably fair:

  • Server seed – this is a site-supplied variable.
  • Client seed – this variable is supplied by the player’s browser and modified by the player.
  • Cryptographic nonce – a number that grows in proportion to the wagers made by a player.

The process is somewhat complicated, particularly for those unfamiliar with bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. To begin, the online casino generates a seed value. Before placing a bet or playing, the number will be hashed and sent to the better. Hash functions or hashing reduce the length of a data string. Operators cannot easily change the server seed due to hashing and the randomness of the source. The same is true for the player’s origin, which is encrypted. In turn, the bettor’s browser will generate a seed at random. Before betting or gambling, players are advised to calibrate their client seed.

How Can Crypto Casinos Be Provably Fair?

Once both seeds are present, they interact to determine the outcome of the wager. Regarding the nonce, the value will begin with either 0 or 1, depending on the website. It will increase with each bet you make. The algorithm selects a randomizable action in the game using the seeds and nonce. Once completed, the player will obtain the unencrypted version of the client seed and will be able to verify the game’s fairness. On-site verification of the results is available to bettors via a verifier. Enter the unhashed sources to determine if the value generated matches the value in the game.

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What is the Advantage of Provable Fairness?

The following are some of the benefits of playing at Provably Fair crypto casinos:


The primary selling point of provably fair cryptocurrency casinos is the transparency they provide to their customers. Provably fairness enables bettors to view the results of previous games to ensure fairness.

There is no Third-Party Authentication

The majority of online casinos have been audited by independent testing laboratories or other third-party authenticators. However, because provably fair games use proprietary technology, third-party authentication and auditing are eliminated. Without a third-party auditor, players of provably honest crypto casinos act as auditors, ensuring the highest level of transparency.

Blockchain Technology

The transparency of provably fair casinos and blockchain-based games. Additionally, this innovation is used in crypto currencies and holds casinos accountable for their operations. Another method of increasing transparency is through the use of the blockchain ledger. Players can access it to view their transactions.

Additionally, with blockchain technology’s self-executing codes, everything is fixed and unchangeable. That is, it is not possible to alter or reverse it to benefit the operators.

 Increased RTP Percentage

The RTP percentage is critical to any bettor’s gambling career. It is an acronym for Return to Player, and it indicates a punter’s probability of winning on a particular game. RTP is calculated using data from the player’s previous wins. Provably Fair games have a winning rate of up to 99 per cent, rather than 99.5 per cent or less.

What Does Always Provably Fair Mean?

However, the answer is no, as some websites continue to offer rigged, provably fair games. These fraudulent operators know that studying the Provably Fair system requires a highly knowledgeable and dedicated individual. They can still alter some minor details that go unnoticed by the average Joe. It is critical to verify that the site hosting the provably fair game is legitimate.

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Is it Possible to Hack Provably Fair Casino Games?

While provably fair casino games are secure and safe, they remain susceptible to human tampering and hacking. On paper, because casinos publish the game’s algorithm, bettors can influence the games. In the future, this theory can be realized through more knowledgeable individuals familiar with the intricacies of the system mentioned above. However, hackers are currently the least of the player’s concerns. Punters must exercise caution when dealing with crypto casinos run by exploitative operators.

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