PIGEON poo has caused headaches for UK drivers since cars first hit the road.

It’s almost a certainty after washing your car that a group of pigeons will take it upon themselves to undo all your hard work.

 Leaving pigeon poo on your car can be a costly mistake

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Leaving pigeon poo on your car can be a costly mistake

It might seem harmless at the time, but these bird droppings can leave a permanent stain on your car.

In some cases, it can cause significant damage to your paint work and make it harder to sell when it’s time for a new car.

If you act quick though, you can easily wipe off the waste and avoid costly repair bills.

 Using a hot soapy solution can lift tough stains

Getty – Contributor

Using a hot soapy solution can lift tough stains

How do I get bird poo off my car?

The longer you leave pigeon poo on your car, the more chance it has of drying out and corroding your paint work.

If you have a sponge cloth handy, you can easily wipe away the stains using some warm water.

For tougher stains, you can use a car shampoo and an everyday hose to loosen the droppings.

Will it damage the paint?

If it isn’t immediately removed, pigeon poo can dry out and leave a small cloudy mark on your paint work.

These stains can add up over time and leave you with a costly repair bill.

When trying to scrub off the poo with a sponge or scrapper, it’s essential to not be too aggressive as this can cause further damage to your paint work.

The same rule applies if you’re trying to blast off the stain using your household hose, so make sure to take care when cleaning your car.

Can I use vinegar?

Most industrial glass cleaners contain vinegar as it can easily lift up stains from the windscreen and leave a clean finish.

But to avoid forking out too much on these sprays, try mixing your own solution of vinegar and warm water at home.

The inexpensive spray can be used on your windscreen and other windows to easily break up the markings.



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