• A computer chip shortage caused by the pandemic is beginning to impact a range of industries. 
  • The auto industry has been the hardest hit, leading some automakers to slash production. 
  • The shortage is now affecting the smartphone, PC, and game console industries as well. 
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The coronavirus pandemic has caused a computer chip shortage, and it’s wreaking havoc on the automotive industry, the consumer electronics industry, and everything in between. 

Computer chips are used to power the electronics in products like gaming consoles and pick-up trucks, which means that demand for these items — which has risen during the pandemic — boosts the demand for chips. But the pandemic led to disruptions in the supply chain and factory closures, and a shortage of chips that existed even before the pandemic hit has only been exacerbated. 

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Now, that chip scarcity is beginning to seriously impact major players in a range of industries with no end in sight. Here are the industries that could be more effected by the ongoing shortage. 



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