How Poker Sites are Forced to Adopt Responsible Gambling Policies

One thing that has become apparent over the lats few months, is that a lot of gambling site operators are addressing the problems associated with gambling on their respective sites and putting in place a range of initiatives to ensure their customers can seek help and support if they develop a gambling problem.

The main reason many such sites are doing so is due to the fact many Gaming Authorities are ordering them to do so, for with many people not in lockdown and many people at risk of developing a gambling problem it is a problem that does need addressing.

The UK Gambling Commission has always been aware of the problems associated with gambling, and they too have ordered their large number of license holders to pull out all of the stops to ensure they all have a range of responsible gambling tools in place on their gambling sites and gambling apps that customers can make use of.

As such when you do sign up to for example an online or mobile poker site, when you log into your account you will notice you are prompted to set a deposit limit or have a time limit in place on that session to ensure you are never at risk of getting carried away when playing and do not run the risk of blowing a huge amount of cash when gambling at such sites either.

So, when you do choose to gamble online any time soon, do make sure you utilize those settings to help you gamble responsibly.

Feel You Need to Give Up Gambling?

Let me now turn my attention to those of you that want to give up gambling, for some of you out there may have got to the point when you know your poker playing days are about to come to an end and you have been experiencing huge losses at the poker tables.

If you live in Great Britain then always do be aware that there are lots of organisations out there who are ready right now to help and support you, and you should never be afraid of reaching out to any of them to help you quite gambling for good.

That is often a step though that some people will only take then they have reached rock bottom, but at the end of the day it is a step they should take, for it is going to be a weight off your mind when you do finally admit you have a gambling problem and then start reaching out for help and support.

Be aware though that the temptation to gamble online and play poker for real money is always going to be there, and one organisation that can help stop you from playing poker at any UK licensed poker sites is GamStop.

They have an industry wide UK facing self-exclusion register that you can make use of and by adding your name on it you will be self-excluding yourself from all UK gambling sites, not only poker sites but bingo, betting, and casino sites too.

Remove the Temptation to Gamble Online

One topic I do quickly need to address is that of poker sites not on GamStop, for if you have decided that you want to stop gambling online in any shape or form, even if you do self-exclude yourself from all UK licensed poker and other gambling sites, you will still be able to gamble at those located elsewhere in the world.

Therefore, that do put a lot of people in the way of temptation, for all someone who is self-excluded from any UK licensed gambling sites needs to do so to sign up to one of those sites located elsewhere in the world and they will not face any restrictions gambling at those sites.

If you want to remove that temptation, then one tool you need to get downloaded onto ever single device that you connect to the internet by is something known as a gambling site blocker.

That is a simple piece of software that you can download onto any device you have whether that is a smartphone, laptop or home computer and once installed and activated whenever you attempt to search for and visit any gambling sites, no matter where they are located and based in the world, your access to those sites will be instantly blocked, so you will not be able to visit them or gamble at any of them.


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