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At $19.99 USD for 12 months of access to online multiplayer, free NES and SNES games, and more, the Nintendo Switch Online service is a great deal. Whatever your reason, you can cancel the auto-renewal of the service at any time.

In a Web Browser

Turning off the automatic renewal of your subscription is easy, especially since you’ve paid for all your time upfront. Navigate any web browser to, and sign in using your email/username and password. On your account page, click “Shop Menu” in the left menu. This will open a new tab in your browser.

Nintendo Shop Menu

Scroll down the “Shop Menu” page, and click “Nintendo Switch Online.” This page is where you can view various details about your subscription and the state of your automatic renewal, as well as a big red button to the right.

Nintendo Switch Online Page

Click “Turn Off Automatic Renewal,” then confirm your decision by clicking “Turn Off” in the small pop-up. You will receive email confirmation from Nintendo, and you can still use Nintendo Switch Online services until the “Expiration Date” listed on this page.

Turn Off Automatic Renewal (Web)

On the Nintendo Switch

You can just as easily turn off automatic renewal on your Nintendo Switch device. Open the Nintendo eShop app on the home screen of your Nintendo Switch, and select the correct user. Press right on the left control stick to select your profile icon in the top-right corner of the screen; then press A to confirm. This will take you to the “Account Information” screen.

Nintendo eShop Picture

Scroll down to “Nintendo Switch Online,” and then select “Turn Off Automatic Renewal.” Confirm your choice, and you will receive an email confirmation from Nintendo. You can still use Nintendo Switch Online services until the “Expiration Date” listed on this page.

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Turn Off Automatic Renewal (Switch)

You can resubscribe at any time. But, after 180 days, Nintendo will delete any Save Data Cloud backups on its servers.



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