The smart speaker

Amazon Echo (3rd Gen)

The perfectly priced mid-range Alexa supported smart speaker

Amazon’s basic model Echo is more than just a smart device, it’s a decent speaker for its size. With Dolby support and 360-degree omnidirectional audio, you’re getting the best speaker for the price.

Echo is the perfect smart home speaker for anyone hoping to get into the smart home market without spending too much money. Alexa is the widest supported virtual assistant for smart products across the board, and the Echo is the best speaker at a reasonable price. It’s more expensive than the Dot but sounds much better.

LIFX bulbs work great with Amazon’s Alexa smart voice assistant, and these particular lights support multiple dimming settings as well as 16 million color combinations. They don’t require any sort of smart hub, so you can just plug them in, set them up in the app as we’ve show above, and you’re ready to rock. Create the perfect mood lighting for any occassion. Oh, these also work with HomeKit too!

Additional equipment

The most feature-rich and future-proof combo for Alexa supported smart light integration is an Echo and LIFX, but there are less-expensive alternatives that work great with limited features.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen)
($35 at Amazon)

The least expensive Echo speaker that still works great as a smart home assistant.

TanTan smart plugs
($15 at Amazon)

Use your dumb lights with Alexa, no hub required. You can turn anything into a smart home appliance with a smart plug.

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