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It goes without saying that Telegram is probably the most feature-enriched instant messaging platform. The plethora of options that it beholds is simply quite astonishing. Today, we will be exploring another such amazing functionality that it beholds. On your Android device, you could directly download Instagram posts and stories via the Telegram app. The process is extremely easy to carry out and works amazingly well, to say the least. Let’s now have a look at the required steps to carry out this process. Also, check out our guide on how to download Instagram photos and videos without any third-party app.

Download Instagram’s Posts and Stories via Telegram

Before beginning with the tutorial, please keep this in mind. You cannot download any posts and stories from a private account. That is not a limitation of this method, but this is how things work out on Instagram. None of the third-party apps for Instagram would be able to do so as well. It doesn’t matter if you follow that private account or not, if it’s private, you can’t fiddle with it. Now let’s get on with the steps to download Instagram posts and stories via the Telegram app.

Steps to be Followed

  1. Head over to the InstaSaver Bot link using any preferred browser of your choice and click on Send Message. This will take you the bot’s chat screen.instagram posts bot
  2. You could also search for this bot in the Telegram app itself. Type in @Instasave_bot. There might be other bots by the same name. Make sure it matches the name and profile picture as shown in our image, otherwise you might face issues while downloading Instagram posts and stories via the Telegram app.
  3. Next, tap on the Start button. Then you will be required to choose your language. Select English.setup bot
  4. Now you can easily download Instagram’s posts and stories via the Telegram app. All you have to do is copy the desired post or story URL and just paste it in the chatbox.
  5. In case you wish to download any post as well, just copy-paste its link in the bot’s chat screen. If a user has uploaded more than one image/video in a single post, the bot will show you all those files. Just tap on the desired image/video and tap Save to instagram story
  6. You could also directly share this post without saving, using the Share icon present at the bottom instagram post
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So these were the steps to download Instagram’s posts and stories via the Telegram app. Do let us know if you face any issue while carrying out the above-mentioned steps.

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