Finally iOS 11.4.1 Beta 1 is now available for developers only. The latest beta doesn’t bring any significant changelog as compared to the final version of its predecessor iOS 11.4 stable version. Yet, iOS 11.4.1 Beta 1 brings all the features of v11.4. To be able to have iOS 11.4.1 latest Beta you require a premium developer account. Don’t worry, for you can Download iOS 11.4.1 Beta 1 without having a developer account.

The trick is you have to install an OTA profile for the latest iOS 11.4.1 beta. Then just restart your device and look for latest Beta updates. Below you can find the link to the OTA profile which is common to all Apple devices that will receive the iOS 11.4.1 beta. Also, you can download iOS 11.4.1 Beta 1 for various Apple devices.

Features of iOS 11.4 Final version

Like we said if you download iOS 11.4.1 Beta 1 for your Apple device, you will get all the features of its previous version iOS 11.4 stable. So, let’s have a look at the newest features iOS 11.4 brings.

  • Latest security patch
  • stability improvement
  • Messages in iCloud,
  • sync and store messages in iCloud across your iOS devices
  • All new Airplay 2, a multi-room audio feature for seamless music streaming.


Download iOS 11.4.1 Beta 1

Download iOS 11.4.1 Beta 1 Without Developer Account

before downloading the iOS 11.4.1 beta as we mentioned, you have to download and install an OTA profile. Below you can find the link for the same.

Links to Download iOS 11.4.1 Beta 1 for various Apple Devices

So, here is a list of the devices and the respective active download links for iOS 11.4.1 Beta 1.

So, download iOS 11.4.1 beta 1 on your respective Apple devices and enjoy the latest features.



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