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How to Eject Water from Phone Using Siri Shortcuts

Water shortcuts iphone

Do you know how to eject water from your iPhone using Siri shortcuts? Have you heard about water shortcuts? Well, some people are fond of taking their iPhone to the shower to either listen to their favourite songs or play some sort of video. If you’re among this category of people, we are sure you must have noticed that splashes of a waterfall on your iPhone, in most cases, this water goes inside the iPhone via the speaker grills at the bottom. If left there for too long, the water can cause some serious damage to your iPhone, it can affect the speaker or mouthpiece. This is why a somewhat nifty Siri shortcut has been created to draw the water out from the speaker with the use of very low-frequency sound.

How to Eject Water from Inside Your iPhone Using Siri Shortcuts

eject water via siri shortcut

This Siri shortcut is referred to as “Water Eject”. Before we show you how you can use this shortcut, it is important to note that water eject is an untrusted shortcut and does require you to turn on “Allow Untrusted Shortcuts” from your iPhone settings. After that, follow the steps below;

• Visit to this link https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/a72c12e22b76415eabf8245b67bdeaa8 using your iPhone to open up the “Water Eject” shortcut.

• At the bottom of your screen, you’ll see a “Get Shortcut” bottom. Tap on it to add the water eject shortcut.

• Once it’s added to your shortcut library, tap it to initiate on your iPhone.

• Now select the “Begin water ejection” from the drop-down options. Then wait for it to complete the process.

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• Upon completion, the water eject shortcut will turn down the volume of your iPhone to fifty percent and deliver a completion notification to you.

You can choose to add the Water Eject shortcut to your home screen for easier access. Or you can always ask Siri to run “Water Eject” and it will start the process for you.


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