Saturday, September 18, 2021

How to Grow Your Instagram Followers?

Compared to how easy it was to gain followers on Instagram two or three years ago, it has become increasingly more difficult to build a following on the platform. Instagram now has over 1 billion monthly users, one of the best algorithms on the web, and tonnes of innovative content and creators, it really has cemented itself at the top of the social media’s and has therefore become a competitive place if you want to grow your following and boost your account – today we look at a couple simple steps in how to do that.

12 Easy Ways on How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically

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The first tip we can give anyone if they are looking to increase their following and ultimately increase the enjoyment you are getting out of the app, then it would be to ensure you are uploading regular and relevant content. This is to make sure that your followers are always engaged and if you show them that you are passionate about your page, they’ll want to join you on that journey.

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Our next tip would be to make sure you are using stories daily; and this ties in with the tip above. Stories are used for a daily reminder to followers that they can click into your profile at any point and that they are used as a daily reminder to be at the top of your Instagram game; a very useful tool that should be used frequently. If your stories are engaging, interactive and educating, then they are one of the most useful tools on the app.

This next tip is something that might be a little bit unbelievable but sharing more selfies on your profile is something that consumers want to see. Making your Instagram profile as personable and relatable as possible, and really shows off what you and/or your business is about – also it’s a proven fact that photos with faces get 2/5th more likes on Instagram!

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