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How to Improve Phone Singles Through Mobile Phone Boosters

How to Improve Phone Singles Through Mobile Phone Boosters

If you are in a quest to find how mobile phone signal boosters help improve your cell phone communication, you have landed in the right place. In this blog, we will discuss every aspect of the mobile phone booster in detail.

So, before we dive into the process and other minute details, let’s understand what the elements of a signal booster are. 

A signal booster consists of an exterior antenna, interior antenna, and amplifier. These three components work together to boost cellular reception. 

Now you probably have a good idea about what signal boosters are, but before we see how it works, let’s get familiar with why your signals are weak.

Why are Your Signals Weak?

  • Distance between tower and place, the closer you are to the tower, the stronger will be the strength of signals and vice versa.
  • Obstructions
  • Blockages
  • Interferences from inside.

Purpose of a Signal Booster

The primary purpose of the mobile phone signal booster is to amplify the existing signals around your car, workspace, or home. It solves the problem of people that are experiencing weak signals. 

So if you want to make superb indoor phone calls without any interruptions, consider the idea of buying a mobile phone booster. 

However, before you go into the market, read this complete blog to make a good decision.

How Does a Mobile Phone Booster Work?

The strength of the signals is interrupted by the obstructions such as trees, construction sites, hills, etc. This is where mobile phone boosters come in. You can enjoy faster internet, fast downloading speed, and good quality phone calls.

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A cellular signal booster takes the help of the donor antenna to amplify the signals. They are usually placed outdoor, most of the time on the roof of your house or building. 

Now the strength of the signals depends on the distance between the nearest tower and the booster. If the antenna is placed near to the tower, the gains with high and the signal inside your house will be improved more. 

Also, the signal strength also depends upon the kit you are using.

If you want to cover all your house or the building, a good kit becomes your primary concern; go for the directional antennas. 

They provide higher gain by aiming signal reception from one direction. This ultimately ends in stronger signals and better coverage.

Types of Mobile Phone Boosters.

Analog Signal Booster 

This type of signal booster uses traditional technology to boost the signals. They are not considered the best option nowadays, but they are still doing their job in a good way.

Smart Signal Boosters

They are generally considered a new form of cell phone signal boosters, and they are digitally more powerful comparing to analog ones.

The smart signal boosters come with 100 dB gains, and they are considered best nowadays. They might be expensive ones, but they come in with great features. 

The most incredible quality of these boosters is that you don’t have to put any antenna outside your home or workplace. All you need to switch them on, and they will start working for you.

How Can You Measure if the Signal Strength is Improved or Not?

The bars on the top left of your phone show the signal strength of your cellular network. 

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If the bars are three or above, that means you have good signal strength, however, sometimes your phone will show three bars, but still, you wouldn’t be able to make uninterrupted calls or use data. 

You have to download the signal strength measuring apps that will measure it in decibel-milliwatts in that scenario. 

The apps may differ according to the device, iPhone and Android users can easily find these apps on their app stores.


In a nutshell, we have given you the basic idea of how mobile phone boosters are used to improve communication. Now it’s your turn to decide if you need one or not.

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