Monday, August 15, 2022
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How to install GOG games on Steam Deck

Starting up as a platform for classic retro games patched up to run on modern systems, GOG later adopted a broader target audience with its Galaxy launcher. These days, the subsidiary of CD Projekt offers plenty of popular titles as mostly DRM-free installations through GOG, including those absent from Steam. Our guide can show you how to install GOG games on Steam Deck and play those games wherever you are with Valve’s portable powerhouse console.

Before starting, any apps or games you install outside the official Steam Deck store will be on the internal storage, not your microSD card or any other external drives. Be sure to check you have enough space on the primary eMMC SSD, the size of which depends on which Steam Deck model you chose (64GB, 256GB, or 512GB).

How to install GOG games with Heroic

Heroic Games Launcher

(Image credit: Heroic)

To keep things simple, we will install GOG games using an open-source application called Heroic Games Launcher. It’s designed specifically for launching GOG and Epic games on multiple operating systems, including Linux, so it’s perfect for your Steam Deck.


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