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How To Make The Apple Watch Series 7 Battery Last Longer

Despite its bigger battery, the Apple Watch Series 7 runtime is still the same as the first one, but a few tips can help get more hours of use.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is the best wearable on the market, and Apple made it more durable than ever, but a longer-lasting battery is still on the wish list. While a whole day is what’s advertised, that can fall well short under heavy use. An Apple Watch is strapped to the wrist, so charging on the go isn’t really an option, and it really needs to last all day which is possible with a few helpful tips.

After seven years, Apple’s smartwatch still comes with the same all-day battery life description as the original, usually clarifying that to mean 18 hours, which is 6 hours shorter than an actual day. That was a decent battery life for 2015 but feels a bit low six years later. Of course, part of the problem with running low at the end of the day is sleep tracking, which requires the Apple Watch to be at least partially active throughout the night.


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The Apple Watch Series 7 has a battery capacity more significant than the Series 6, but the difference is barely noticeable, 1.6 percent for the larger model and 6.8 percent for the smaller model. This would lead to a somewhat longer battery life if everything else remained the same. However, the always-on display is brighter in the new Apple Watch, and the screen is larger, meaning the extra capacity still results in the same 18-hour claim from Apple with disclaimers that battery life will vary depending upon use. That means some very active users might find it needs to be charged more frequently than expected. However, there are ways to extend battery life.

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Which Apple Watch Features Use Battery

Apple Watch Series 7 with battery icon

If the Apple Watch is powered on and not connected to the charger, it uses the battery. So every single feature uses electricity and shortens runtime. Some draw more power than others, and disabling or limiting use will help extend battery life. For example, with most mobile technology, lowering the screen brightness is one of the best ways to make the device last longer. This is particularly true of the Apple Watch Series 7, with its larger and brighter always-on display. Users can lower the display brightness in the settings app, and Always On can be switched off and replaced with Wake on Wrist Raise and Wake On Crown Up. This might be enough to get through the day with enough power left for sleep tracking.

Operating on a cellular signal uses more battery, so carrying the paired iPhone has a significant effect. To toggle cellular off, swipe up and tap the cell-tower icon. In Siri settings, turning off Listen for ‘Hey Siri’ will reduce battery use a bit as well since that is a background task that must continually run and analyze the microphone input. Raise to Speak and Press Digital Crown are nearly as convenient and save speaking the wake words. As an extreme measure, Power Reserve mode can be switched on in Battery settings, reducing the Apple Watch to simply displaying the time and disabling all other features. With some combination of these tips, users can extend the battery life of the Apple Watch Series 7, possibly allowing use at critical times during the day and enough power for sleep tracking, so it can go on the charger while getting dressed and eating breakfast.

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