Let’s be clear from the get-go: Amazon Day is not Amazon Prime Day, the online retailer’s annual sales extravaganza. Nope, instead, it’s a new feature exclusive to Prime members, though it’s currently only available via invite-only.

What is Amazon Day?

With Amazon Day, Prime members essentially get a new delivery option, according to CNET. The invite-only feature lets members pick a specific day of the week for their Amazon shipments to arrive. So, if you select Friday, all the items you bought during the week will arrive on your designated “Amazon Day”, or Friday. That day will be your default unless you change it at checkout.

Amazon said Amazon Day orders will” arrive in as few boxes as possible”, in order to help the environment. Apparently, customers have also wanted a better idea of when their shipments will arrive so that they can avoid porch thefts and be home for deliveries.

How does Amazon Day work?

Prime members who join the program should also see the new Amazon Day option when they check-out and pick their shipping option. When they check-out, they will be able to choose from regular one-day, two-day, or no-rush shipping (most items for two-day deliveries will get the new Amazon Day option). So, Prime members still be able to use other shipping options like free two-day on each order.

Prime members can set any day of the week for their Amazon Day delivery. If weekend deliveries are available in their area, they can also set Saturday to be their default delivery day.

How to join Amazon Day

Currently, the program is only available to a small group of users by invite, although Amazon reportedly plans to expand the test to more users in the coming months. If you were invited, you will see a notice on the Amazon homepage and see the option in check-out. Amazon told the media that it’s “excited to be testing a new service aimed at making the delivery experience more convenient for customers”.

Where is Amazon Day available?

Currently, it’s limited to Prime members in the US. 



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