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How to process and convert GoPro 4K videos with VideoProc

These days, 4K is where it’s at when it comes to video, whether you’re shooting video on your 4K-capable phone or capturing footage using a drone or dedicated GoPro 4K action camera. While 4K produces much better results that HD, it is also more demanding on your computer when it comes to editing. This can result in slow and laggy performance during post-production. Having shot your raw footage, what’s the best way to edit and process it into a movie worth sharing?

Here is one of the best answers: Get it transferred to your Mac or PC where you can tap into your computer’s raw power and large display for maximum effect. You’ll then need suitable 4K video processing software, which is where VideoProc delivers in spades.

VideoProc is one of the easiest video processing software to use with the easy-to-navigate interface making editing and processing incredibly accessible. Whether you want to resize, edit or process 4K video it has you covered. It’s been specially engineered from the ground up to deal with the demands of Ultra HD – including full 4K UHD video, large sized videos generated using the GoPro’s Protune settings, and high-speed videos that have been shot at 120 or 240 fps for converting to slow-motion, as well as, providing an extremely stable process free from lags or unexpected crashes.

VideoProc’s key advantage stems from its support for full GPU acceleration powered by Intel®, AMD® and NVIDIA® GPUs, which exploits graphics card’s hardware to speed up 4K processing by up to 47 times. It also ensures file sizes are kept under control – up to 90 per cent smaller than the original file – and all without sacrificing quality.

VideoProc: Powerful 4K Video Editing & Processing Functions

Toolbox is one of the key features of VideoProc and offers a multitude of editing tools to bring your raw clips to. Here is a run-down of what the software package offers editors keen to make more of their footage.

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Deshake and Denosie

This 4K video processing software is packed with useful features like GoPro 4K Video Stabilisation to fix shaky images giving your action movies a smoother look. While image cropping is inevitable for stabilization this program can retain as many pixels as possible. It will also give you the ability to reduce wind or background noise of your GoPro sports video. In fact all sounds that interferes with your words or monologues can be drastically decreased or even eliminated. 

Cut, Trim, Split and Merge Videos

VideoProc allows you to quickly cut and trim the scenes or unnecessary pictures in a video that you don’t need. You can cut one or more segments quickly allowing you to keep the greatest moments for your video.

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Splitting is another way to reduce file size, especially if you are sharing your files with other. The feature will divide one clip into multiple parts allowing you to get the end result through size or bandwidth restrictions you might be battling against and allowing you to forget about “that’s files too big” comments in the future. Better still, at the other end the software will speedily piece the clips back together again into a single H.264 file.

Rotate, Mirror & Flip

This 4K video processing software enables you to rotate a sideway video left/right 90/180/270 degree to a correct orientation. This makes flipping upside-down videos you’ve shot by mistake easy to get back into the right orientation, or if you’re trying to be creative, rotating shots out of the correct orientation.

Add Subtitle, Watermark and Effects

Adding extra elements can make your action movie more appealing and professional. VideoProc gives you options to add subtitles from hard drive or searched online, put image or text watermark; apply over 10 effects on your raw clips as well as adjustbrightness, contrast, hue, gamma and saturation for more vivid images.

Make GIF, 3D to 2D, M3U8 and more

If you want to make a fun GIF you can do that with VideoProc too. The software offers additional editing features empowering you to make GIFs, extract frame, transfer 3D to 2D, convert video to M3U8 file for http streaming and more.

Convert & Resize Video

With so many different codecs around, VideoProc can help fix video incompatibility problems with the ability to transcode videos into a variety of different formats. It offers hundreds of optimized profiles for a wide range of phones, consoles and other media devices in addition to standard 4K H264 and HEVC codecs. If you need to take things a step further, the app also offers granular controls over bit rate, frame rate, resolution, aspect ratio and other parameters can be modified as you want.

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Step-by-step to Process 4K Videos with VideoProc

Even better news: you don’t need prior experience with complex video editing software to make good use of VideoProc to transform your 4K footage. Here’s how easy it is to process, edit and resize 4K video with VideoProc.

Transcode GoPro 4K Videos – From HEVC to H.264

Once your footage has been transferred to your PC or Mac, launch the program and click Video to open the main VideoProc window. Drag your clips into the window and they’ll be listed in sequence. From here you can drag to change their running order if necessary. Navigate to Video tab and select MP4 H264 as output format. Simply click RUN button and now VideoProc will start transcoding work.

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Edit GoPro 4K Videos with Toolbox.

Just drag and drop your 4K videos into VideoProc window. Navigate toToolbox. Select one editing tool and double click it to access setting window. After all options are well set, click Done to go back to main window. Now, click RUN button to start video processing.

To spilt a video, that’s easy too. Find Split in Toolbox and then double click. A new window appears. You need to set how many clips to split from a video by splitting into x amount of segments or every x amount of seconds. Set a perfect number and then click Done. You’re led back to the main window. Click RUN button.

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VideoProc – More than Video Editing and Processing Software

• Convert DVD Discs to Digital: Disc digitalization can be achieved with VideoProc. It can handle various types of DVDs from home-made discs to commercial DVD movies/TV shows and more. You can easily encode your DVDs to MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, WebM, and transfer discs to iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, Xbox, PS3/4, YouTube, Facebook etc.

• Download Online Videos: It can download videos and music from 1000+ sites, covering YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Beyond single video, it can download whole playlist, channel and even live videos in a breeze.

• Record Screen and Webcam: Try to record a tutorial or reaction video using this 4K video processing software. You can capture screen and your face, voice with webcam simultaneously. High quality will be delivered and hi-fi audio will be outputted.

Give it a whirl  

We could wax lyrical about VideoProc until the cows have long come home and settled down for the night, but there’s no better substitute than direct personal experience. With that in mind head over to the VideoProc website, where you can download a free trial of the program for Windows or Mac to see how it copes with your own 4K footage.

And once you’ve seen for yourself how powerful and straightforward VideoProc is, why not enter the VideoProc New Release Celebration sweepstake for your chance to win.


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