Rust can be found anywhere on your vehicle but is most common on the frame rails, wheel wells, exhausts and suspension.

You should also keep an eye on the floor of your boot, making sure to check beneath any carpet, and your windscreen as the surrounding areas of glass are prone to leaking and excess moisture.

You can spot the arrival of rust in various forms including:

Bubbles – meaning bubbles underneath the paint – usually indicating that paint has lost contact with the panel underneath because water and air have gathered in between.

Puddles, which means dampness or water damage on the carpet, in footwells or in the boot, and is usually a sign that the metal underneath has rusted.

Body damage is shown in the form of nicks and dents as these often lead to rust when left unattended.

Irregular paint, shown when spots and strips of paint do not match the original paintwork could be the work of a rust repair job.



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