Published on May 28th, 2020

Five tips for taking better boating photos from BoatU.S. Magazine.

1. Use light and mood to set the scene.
The most important element of any photo is the quality of light falling on the subject. Time of day and atmospheric conditions play a big part. Think of light as the personality of the photo. Smartphone cameras give best results in daylight.

Sunrise and sunset, called the “golden hour,” will produce warm golden tones that give the viewer a warm feeling. Shortly before sunrise and after the sun sets are called the “blue hour,” giving you cool blue tones and less contrast that may better suit your subject. Fog brings soft light and mystery.

If the day is sunny and you photograph midday, the colors will be more natural but the lighting harsher. Full sun can work well for seascapes because of the high-contrast lighting and definition it provides. With some exceptions, this time of day is usually not flattering for portraits as you can get harsh shadows. That said, more advanced photographers might utilize this shadowing to create additional form and depth in the photograph. (See below for more tips on photographing in challenging conditions boaters often face.) – Full report.

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