Have an audio file you want to transcribe into text? Don’t do it by yourself; transcription app Otter can help you turn your conversations and interviews into text.

If you need a way to transcribe interviews and other conversations into text, a variety of apps and services are available, but one service worth trying is Otter. Through Otter, you can record speech from yourself or multiple people. The app analyzes the words and attempts to transcribe them into text. After that, you can export the text to use in a document, email, or other type of file.

Otter is accessible on the web and via a mobile app, and offers 600 minutes of transcription each month for free. A premium account kicks in 6,000 minutes each month along with priority email support for $9.99 a month or $79.99 a year.

AISense, the company behind Otter, collects and uses your recordings and other data to provide the transcription. Before you start using the service, read AISense’s Privacy Policy to make sure you’re okay with the data collection.

Like any machine-based transcription service, Otter isn’t perfect. It’s naturally going to make mistakes. To enhance its accuracy, Otter recommends that you place your computer or mobile phone within three feet of all speaking parties, that you speak clearly, and that you aim to minimize background noise and speech overlap. All of that may not be easy to swing in a conversation with multiple speakers, but the greater you can improve the recording conditions, the more accurate your transcription will be.



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