Friday, July 30, 2021

How To Watch Paramount Plus In The UK

Paramount Plus – the rebrand of the current streaming service CBS All Access – launches in the US, Canada and Latin America tomorrow. It will host all the content on the former streaming service, as well as exclusive originals and theatrical film releases from Paramount just over a month after their initial cinematic debut.

There’s no sign of Paramount+ coming to the UK in the near future. This is a shame considering that it has first dibs on some exclusive shows when they first release, such as Star Trek: Lower Decks.

However, if the sign-up process is the same as CBS All Access, then it should still be possible to watch the service here in the UK – read on to find out more. You can also check out our full guide to Paramount Plus.

How to watch Paramount Plus in the UK

The method below is what we use for CBS All Access and may differ when Paramount Plus launches. We will test signing up on 4 March and update this article accordingly. 

Paramount Plus hasn’t yet launched, so you can’t access the streaming service yet. However, you can instead sign up for CBS All Access now and then be transferred over to the new service when it launches on 4 March 2021.

In addition, if you sign up for CBS All Access before 4 March, you can get 50% off an annual subscription of Paramount Plus using the code PARAMOUNTPLUS at checkout.

In order to sign up, you’ll need a VPN. This stands for virtual private network, and basically re-routes your IP address so you can browse the internet as if you’re based in another country. For watching CBS All Access (soon to be Paramount Plus), you’ll need to connect to a US-based server.

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There’s lots of VPN providers to choose from but based on our testing NordVPN and ExpressVPN have the best performance and most competitive pricing. However, you can check out further paid VPN providers, as well as free VPN options – though these will likely not have enough servers to access the site successfully.

After you’ve downloaded your VPN of choice, you then have to overcome another hurdle – payment options. Currently CBS All Access only accepts cards that are tied to US bank accounts. We’re not sure if this will stay the same for Paramount Plus, but we’ll test this method on 4 March and update this article accordingly.

You can get round the payment issue through purchasing a digital gift card. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Connect to a US server on your chosen VPN

How to watch Star Trek UK

  • Purchase a CBS online gift card from either eBay or PayPal ($25 is the minimum, which will get you nearly four months worth of ad-supported viewing)

How to watch Star Wars Lower decks in the UK

How to watch Star Trek Lower decks in the UK

How to watch Star Trek Lower decks in the UK

  • Choose the subscription plan you want to sign up for

How to watch Star Trek Lower decks in the UK

You should now be able to watch CBS All Access.

As always when using a VPN to access content abroad, be aware that you’ll be in violation of CBS All Access’ terms of use, so the company could theoretically cancel your account if it realises you’re using a VPN. Proceed at your own risk.


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