Rick’s days could be numbered as we ready ourselves for episode 5 of The Walking Dead Season 9. “What Comes After” airs today in the UK, and here’s how you can watch The Walking Dead completely free online or on TV. (Click here for spoilers.)

The series is broadcast a day earlier in the US than it is here in the UK, so while the first broadcast actually took place on 4 November on AMC, in the UK you’ll be looking for the Fox UK broadcast at 9pm on Monday 5 November 2018.

You’ve four options for viewing Fox UK: via Sky (channel 124), Virgin Media (channels 157 and 199) or TalkTalk (via an Entertainment Boost), or you can go with our preferred option of NowTV.

The latter service costs just £7.99 per month for an Entertainment pass, and if you’re prepared to binge-watch all 16 episodes (each an hour long) you can watch it completely free online, on TV or via dedicated mobile apps by taking advantage of a 14-day free trial.

NowTV also offers more than 250 on-demand TV boxsets, plus catch-up facilities, and previous seasons of The Walking Dead returned to its boxsets on 1 October.

You don’t need a Sky subscription to watch NowTV, and nor do you need a NowTV box or streaming stick (unless you want one) – apps are available for Chromecast, PlayStation, Xbox, Roku, smart TVs, Windows and Mac, and iOS and Android.

The Walking Dead Season 9 is also available through Amazon Prime, but it won’t be part of the subscription. Based on the prices it is currently charging for Season 8, you’ll pay £1.89 per episode (or £2.49 in HD), or you can buy the entire season for £24.99 (SD; £29.99 HD).

It’s also possible to buy older episodes of The Walking Dead through the following services:

  • Google Play: single episode from £1.99 (SD); season from £24.99 (SD)
  • YouTube: single episode from £1.99 (SD); season from £24.99 (SD)
  • iTunes: single episode from £1.89 (SD); season from £24.99 (SD)

Like all popular TV series and films there will almost certainly be people uploading The Walking Dead torrents or hosting illegal streams of the programme, but we won’t advise you on these here.

Click here for a recap of previous seasons or to learn how to watch old episodes of The Walking Dead.



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