The Nintendo Switch has a large library of amazing games all available to download from the Nintendo eShop, but one huge service not available on Nintendo’s handheld is YouTube. It’s available for just about every other platform, from the PS4 to most smart TVs, so why hasn’t it appeared on the Nintendo Switch?

While many assumed that Google would eventually bring YouTube to the Nintendo Switch, it never happened – officially anyway. Curious Switch owners quickly found out a way to use the system’s built-in browser to browse any website, but despite displaying the YouTube website, videos would never play.

While it seemed that was the final nail in the coffin for YouTube support on the Switch, the team at Switchbru refused to accept it. Fast forward to today and the team has launched a dedicated website for Switch users to browse and watch YouTube videos – but how do you access it without a browser? Keep reading to find out.

Stream YouTube videos without jailbreaking your Nintendo Switch

The good news is that if you only want to watch YouTube videos on your Nintendo Switch, there’s no need to use the unofficial browser. It’s not as simple as opening the non-existent YouTube app, either.

The workaround is admittedly quite laborious and it’s worth pointing out that you could probably watch a few YouTube videos on your smartphone in the time it takes you to load up YouTube on the Switch, but hey, if it’s what you want then it’s what you want.

  1. In your user profile, select ‘Posting to Social Media’.
  2. Tap the ‘Link’ button next to the Facebook icon. If you’ve previously linked your Facebook account, you’ll have to unlink it for the purposes of this tutorial.
  3. Instead of logging in to your Facebook account in the pop-up browser, scroll to the bottom of the page and select ‘Pages’.
  4. Search for and select the Switchbru Facebook page.
  5. The pinned post on the official Switchbru Facebook page should take you to SwitchTube, a custom site for watching YouTube videos on the Switch.
  6. Search for the YouTube video you’d like to watch by name, or for a more accurate search, search by video ID.

And there you have it! The video should then begin to load and play on your Nintendo Switch. It’s not a perfect workaround as you’ll have to follow the above instructions whenever you want to watch videos on your Switch, but at least you can if you really want to.

The good news is that YouTube might officially be coming to the Nintendo Switch on 8 November 2018. The rumour comes from a ResetEra post stating that a YouTube app for Switch is being put forward as a suggestion for those searching for games on the Nintendo of America website, but the link to the app listing is broken – for now, anyway.

The site also suggests that it’ll be released on 8 November so, if true, you won’t need the above workaround for much longer. Hoorah! 

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