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Despite US sanctions that continue to hurt its smartphone markets across the globe, Chinese multinational tech giant Huawei has rolled out their revamped foldable smartphone. The newly launched Huawei Mate X2 is said to have a much smaller internal gap when closed than that of its competitor Samsung.

Although it has not been clear when the Mate X2 will be available in international markets, it is set to be on sale in China from February 25, according to a CNBC report.

The Mate X2’s 8-in (20.3cm) main screen was larger than its rival Samsung’s 7.6-inch (19.3cm) equivalent and claimed the dimensions of its exterior display for when the phone is closed was better suited for apps than its competitor.

The company said it developed a new robust hinge mechanism to safeguard its tablet-like display. When closed, part of the flexible screen folds into a “water drop-shaped” cavity to prevent it coming under strain at the crease.

Huawei’s consumer devices chief Richard Yu spoke about the challenges they face due to the U.S sanctions, saying sanctions have posed great difficulties to their business operations but through the solid support of their partners, suppliers and in particular consumers around the world, they have survived 2020.

Some of its key features are a rear camera set up with 4 sensors for zooming and depth, the Kirin 9000 processor, Huawei’s proprietary chip. It will also be one of the first Huawei phones able to run its own HarmonyOS mobile operating system.




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