Huawei will launch the Mate 30 Pro earlier than the Mate series of previous years. The date os set for closer to that of its direct competition. For the new Harmony OS, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro lands much too early.

If the information from XDA Developers’ usually well-informed sources is correct, Huawei will present the Mate 30 Pro at an event on September 19. That would be about a month earlier than with the past Mate generations. There is no confirmation from Huawei yet, but the date is the same as our information. On September 6, Huawei CEO Richard Yu will open the IFA 2019 in Berlin with his keynote speech, where the boss will announce the date for the Mate 30 Pro – at the latest.

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Huawei goes just after Apple

This would mean that Huawei would present its new flagship just over a week after the new Apple iPhones. There is no officially confirmed date for this event either, but all signs are that Apple will show its new products on September 11. The OnePlus 7T Pro and several other smartphones are also expected in autumn, and IFA’s new products will also be on sale. So once again a busy autumn for smartphone fans is on the horizon.

By the way, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+, which will be delivered from August 23, will make its debut well ahead of the IFA in Berlin. Pre-orderers can get the new Note, which for the first time is available in two different sizes and even with a 5G option, at a slightly lower price if they trade in an old smartphone.

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Harmony OS still needs more time

The Mate 30 Pro is equipped with the familiar combination of Android and the EMUI customization. The new operating system Harmony OS, which Huawei announced last week at the Huawei Developer Conference 2019, is far from ready to be used on smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer. Perspectively, however, Harmony OS should be able to drive all possible categories of devices. Compatibility with Android apps is an important cornerstone for this.



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