Huawei and fingerprint sensor developer Goodix Technology faced a legal battle with touchscreen technology provider WaveTouch, which alleged patent infringements involving technology incorporated in the Chinese vendor’s smartphones.

Financial Times (FT) reported WaveTouch filed a lawsuit with a German court, accusing the companies of illegally using its system for enhancing the accuracy of smartphone fingerprint sensors.

WaveTouch said its system was replicated by China-based Goodix Technology for a series of mobile chips, which were then used for some Huawei smartphones, including its P40 and the Mate 40 ranges.

Goodix Technology dismissed the allegations and began invalidation proceedings against WaveTouch, FT stated.

The company told the newspaper it respected the protection of IP rights.

Goodix Technology dubs itself as “the largest biometric authentication solution provider for Android devices in the global market”, and its products are also used by many of Huawei’s rivals including Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi and Samsung.




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