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Hyundai KONA Electric and Ioniq Electric join ONTO

Hyundai is supplying 275 EVs – 150 Kona Electric and 125 Ioniq Electric – to the Onto EV subscription with EVs for an all-inclusive monthly payment.

There’s a concerted drive from government to get us all in to electric cars long before the UK bans the sale of new ICE cars in 2030, but, for many, the idea of an EV is a bit disconcerting.

From range anxiety and fear the tech will be quickly become obsolete, to simply the downright unfamiliar nature of an EV – not to mention the upfront cost – many drivers who would find an EV the perfect solution – especially as a second car – are steering clear still.

All the above are good reasons to be cautious, but there is a way to spend proper time with an EV to see if you can live with it – without breaking the bank or committing for years to a lease – and that’s an EV on a subscription programme.

One such subscription model is run by ONTO, which offers a range of EVs on a monthly subscription programme, with all costs, including insurance and charging included.

You can already opt for a decent range including a Renault Zoe from £399pm, Tesla Model 3 for £999pm and Jaguar I-Pace for £1,299. And now you have the choice of a couple of electric Hyundai’s too – the Kona Electric and Ioniq Electric.

Hyundai is making 275 EVs available to ONTO for their fleet – 150 Konas and 125 Ioniqs – which are available within 72 hours, with the Kona Electric at £599 a month and the Ioniq Electric at £449 a month. And your only commitment is for a single month, with an App letting you swap or end.

Ashley Andrew, MD Hyundai UK, said:

Hyundai already offers the most diverse range of alternative fuel vehicles in the market and we will continue to invest heavily in clean mobility to bring an even greater choice of zero-emission vehicles to consumers in the years ahead.

And Rob Jolly, Onto CEO, said:

The addition of the KONA Electric and the Hyundai IONIQ models is exciting news for our customers, offering greater choice than ever before with our fully-flexible monthly subscription.

With a minimum of a one-month agreement and no deposit, subscribers can now enjoy all the benefits of the Hyundai KONA Electric Premium SE and the Hyundai IONIQ Electric Premium without the long term commitment, with the option to change to another make or model the following month.



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