Friday, May 20, 2022

‘I probably shouldn’t go any further’: Biden gives frank description of what Putin really wants

Joe Biden has claimed he knows what Russian leader Vladimir Putin is seeking from the Ukraine crisis, before stopping short and declaring: “I probably shouldn’t go any further.”

In a series of responses to questions during his first press conference during 2022, Mr Biden said he believed the Russian leader did not want “a full-blown war”.

Yet, he suggested that Mr Putin might be happy for a “minor incursion”.

“I’m not so sure he is certain what he is going to do. My guess is he will move in. He has to do something.”

Mr Biden’s remarks over Russia, whose decision to send troops to its borders with Ukraine has triggered one of Europe’s most anxious situations in decades, did not represent a new US position.

Yet his admission that Ukraine will not be admitted membership of Nato “anytime soon”, was seized on by critics as an encouragement to Moscow.

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“Do I think he’ll test the West? Test the United States and Nato as significantly as he can,” he said. “Yes, I think he will.”

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