For anyone who has ordered an Apple Watch Series 6 or Apple Watch SE with either of the new Solo or Braided Solo Loop bands, you may be in for a frustrating experience if the band does not fit.

Along with the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE, Apple also announced two new bands. The Solo Loop and Braided Solo Loop are both made out of a single stretchable material that is offered in a number of sizes. Reported by MacRumors, choosing the wrong size not only requires you to return/exchange the band but the Apple Watch as well.

According to Apple Support, the company considers an Apple Watch ordered with a band that you’ve selected through the “Create Your Style” function on its website and app as a “configure to order purchase.”

While Apple does offer a print-at-home measurement tool to help you figure out what your size is, many have said that this tool has not turned out to be accurate for them.

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If you do happen to receive a band that does not fit, you can always take your Apple Watch and band for exchange at your local Apple Store if they have any stock. However, availability on the watches and bands currently varies since both products just launched.

I personally tried out Apple’s measurement tool and fell between a size 7 and 8, so I choose a 7 to ensure a tighter fit. While I am still waiting for my own band to come in the mail, I did get a chance to try one on at my local Apple Store and the size 7 fit great. So, while Apple’s tool may not work for everyone, it seems to be a safe bet to always order the lower size if you happen to fall in between two sizes.

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If you are able to safely visit your local store right now, Apple Stores will help you fit the new Solo and Braided Solo Loop band. Regardless, this issue seems to be a logistical failure on Apple’s part, especially since the band is shipped in a separate box than the watch. To be fair, this is the first time the company has offered such a varied amount of size options for its bands, so hopefully, support for returning/exchanging just the band will be coming soon.

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