Sunday, October 24, 2021
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Intel’s Avengers edition CPU gets you a fancy box but not the game

Intel Core i7-10700KSource: Rich Edmonds / Windows Central

Branded content isn’t a new concept, but Intel has made a curious choice regarding its Avengers-branded CPU packaging, not including the game. Intel Gaming’s Twitter account shared a video that showcases how the box art for the Avengers-branded CPU was made by a professional artist. While the art is impressive, several people online have complained that the branded CPU doesn’t include a copy of Marvel’s Avengers.

The 10th Gen Core KA line of CPUs features box art from muralist Tristan Eaton. The video goes over a bit of the creative process for the box and shows the front of the box toward the end of the video. In the lower-left corner of the box, you can see a fuzzy disclaimer. Eagle-eyed Twitter user momomo_us found a Vietnamese store listing for a branded CPU from a store called KCC (via Tom’s Hardware). The box clearly states, “Game Not Included.”

With only these images as a source, we can’t say for certain if every branded Intel CPU lacks the game, but it seems likely that at least some of them don’t come with it. The chip itself isn’t any different either, so the only Avengers-branded item you’ll get is the box.

Notably, the KCC listing does have an adorable corgi statue dressed up as Captain America. It’s unclear if this statue comes with the CPU or is sold separately.

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