Apple will release three new iPhones, at least one of which will be called iPhone Pro according to a report from Bloomberg. These Pro iPhones will succeed the iPhone XS and XS Max, while the iPhone XR will also be upgraded.

The huge leak of information in the report will infuriate Apple if it is correct, with Bloomberg citing ‘people familiar with the situation’ as the source. There will also be upgrades to the cameras and a faster chip for the iPad Pro line, ‘new versions’ of the Apple Watch and an update in design for the MacBook Pro that may include a larger than 15in display size.

If accurate these moves show Apple further positioning its Pro line of products simply as the premium products in its line up and not necessarily for professionals. Part of Apple’s ongoing success is that its customers tend to opt for the top of the line product. This has in part changed since the introduction of the iPhone XR.

The new iPhone Pro devices will add, as rumoured, a third camera to the rear of the phone for better zoom capabilities. The report also states low light photography will improve, an area where Apple has lost a lot of ground to Google and Huawei.

The iPhone Pro will also have reverse wireless charging as seen on the Samsung Galaxy S10 line, matte colour finishes and an updated Face ID system. For the first time since the iPhone 6s, these top of the line iPhones will not have 3D Touch but will instead have the haptic touch feature Apple debuted on the iPhone XR.

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The iPhone XR’s successor will gain a second camera on the back and a new green colour option. All the new iPhones will have the A13 processor.

Other imminent updates include a new low end iPad that will have a 10.2in screen instead of the long-used 9.7in, a 16in MacBook Pro and new AirPods.

The rumoured date for the event is 10 September, with the new iPhones going on sale later that month.



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