Monday, January 17, 2022

Is Google Calendar down? | TechRadar


Reports continue to pour in

Downdetector is now reporting a whopping 2,960 issues – and the real number is likely to be far beyond that, given that the site relies on user-generated complaints.

Users commenting on the website say that Calendar is “down for Romania as well”, “Not working in Czech Republic”, “Unable to sync in India”, and “Down in Denmark.” France and Greece appear to be affected too – is anyone left out?

Partial functionality?

You may find that you can enter the Google Calendar, and only see a few events out of your usually-packed schedule. I’m able to see my own events, and things I’ve confirmed attendance to – stored locally – but my work calendar of everything else going on in the company is absent. Sorry boss.

I was able to use a Google Calendar event to jump into a Google Meet video call, so you may be able to briefly gain access for an important meeting if you keep trying. We tend to switch between half-filled screen and full-on error message every time we refresh the page, though.

Be free, workers!

Some are taking the outage on a lighter note, such as Twitter user @jerelleaj, who celebrates that they must “have nothing planned for today”. Performance review? What performance review?

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Reported cases are rising

Downdetector is reporting a surge in user-generated reports of Google Calendar issues since 9am GMT (1am PST / 4am EST). Only 16 reports in the view so far, but 0-16 in the space of 20 minutes shows something is picking up.

It looks like a global problem

Google Calendar appears to be down for TechRadar’s UK staff, flitting in and out of service. We have word that the service is experiencing issues worldwide, from contacts in India and Spain too.


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