Saturday, December 4, 2021

Is Valve working on a standalone VR headset?

(Pocket-lint) – The Valve Index is a solid favourite among PCVR fans but like other powerful VR headsets, it requires a decent gaming rig in order to run. 

That might be set to change though as it seems that Valve may be working on a new standalone headset that doesn’t need to tether. 

YouTube channel host Brad Lynch has discovered clues in Valve’s patent applications that seem to mention a code-named device referred to as “Deckard”. 

According to the research, Deckard has seemingly gone through multiple internal iterations and is also referenced in SteamVR’s publicly available code. 

There are references in the SteamVR code that have been discovered which refer to options for a “standalone system layer” which may be a hint that the concept headset is intended to be tether-free. 

Ars Technica has also been talking to sources who have confirmed that Valve has at least two VR headsets in the works. One of which may be capable of working in a wireless mode much like the Oculus Quest 2 and yet running SteamVR games. 

The sources have noted that the company has had trouble with inside-out tracking and has had to bring in some outside help. 

Of course, most of this is rumour and speculation at this point. With the upcoming launch of the Steam Deck, Valve is no doubt dedicating its current precious resources to fulfilling those orders. Any new VR headset that’s in the works is likely to be a while off yet. 

It would certainly be good to see a new standalone VR headset appear as direct competition to the Quest 2. 

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