Friday, December 3, 2021
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JENETRIC Unveils New Smartphone Fingerprint Capture Device

JENETRIC has unveiled a new fingerprint capture device to facilitate mobile enrollment. The LIVETOUCH Flipcase is a ten-print scanner that can be attached to a standard smartphone, making it easier for law enforcement officers to register people’s fingerprints while in the field.

The LIVETOUCH Flipcase is built with JENETRIC’s LIVETOUCH QUATTRO Compact, which is itself a smaller version of the company’s flagship QUATTRO reader. The Flipcase pairs the Compact version with a user-friendly case that can be attached to an officer’s smartphone. The QUATTRO Compact is BSI and FBI FAP 60 certified.

According to JENETRIC, officers should be able to operate
the Flipcase with one hand, which will free up the other hand to accomplish
other tasks. The smartphone display faces the device operator when the Flipcase
is in use, so bystanders won’t be able to see the screen while someone’s
fingerprints are being collected.

“With the LIVETOUCH Flipcase, we have succeeded in combining
the diverse requirements for mobile identity verification in a single device:
the use of commercially available smartphones, an FBI-certified FAP 60 scanner
and a secure connection between the two devices,” said JENETRIC CEO Roberto
Wolfer. “The new device combination addresses the growing demand for
non-stationary enrollment and verification of identity anywhere, at any time,
without compromising on fingerprint quality.”

The QUATTRO Compact is already in use at the Schengen border. The German Federal Police have deployed the device to register fingerprints in accordance with the European Entry and Exit System.

JENETRIC will showcase the new Flipcase at booth #218 during the upcoming Connect:ID event in Washington, DC. The conference is scheduled to run from March 11 to 12 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, and is proceeding as scheduled despite the growing concerns about the coronavirus. MWC Barcelona and the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition have both been cancelled due to the outbreak.

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