French durable smartphone manufacturer Crosscall has signed a distribution agreement with technology solutions distributor and equipment reseller Kemtek, which will make Crosscall’s range available to its more than 700 South African resellers and Southern African Development Community (SADC) distribution network.

“This agreement brings Crosscall closer to fulfilling its African growth ambitions and gives us additional scope to develop our local presence. We look forward to working with the Kemtek team to build brand recognition and boost distribution for our products,” says Crosscall South Africa sales director Julien Fouriot.

Crosscall was introduced to the South African market in July 2019 with the launch of five new smartphones. The company specialises in waterproof, durable mobile phones, which are adapted to the hostile and unpredictable environments encountered by professionals in various fields.

The devices are resistant to most liquids, resistant to damage from drops of up to 2 m and can function in extreme temperatures from -25 °C to 50 °C. The touchscreens work even when a user’s hands are wet or if they are wearing gloves.

“Our smartphones perform in the most challenging environments so that users can focus on their activities instead of worrying about their phones. This makes Crosscall an ideal match for industries such as mining and agriculture, where people are exposed to various conditions and elements. The devices come with a three-year warranty,” says Fouriot.

The rugged market is 1% of the total South Africa market with about 150 000 units sold every year and growing. Crosscall is targeting 10% of the local rugged phone market within the next years.

Kemtek has multiple distribution sites nationwide. The company plans to promote Crosscall with a strategic marketing campaign to its resellers and their end customers. Kemtek has resellers who serve various industry sectors including distribution and supply chain, warehousing, retail, automotive manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, mining and education, says Kemtek technology solutions director Mark Broude.

“Kemtek is delighted to introduce our new principal Crosscall to our clients. We are always interested in leading products that bring something new to the markets we serve, and Crosscall is a natural addition to our portfolio. They produce exceptional smart phones and tablets that perform to the highest levels including exposure to water, rain, humidity, dust and impacts. Thanks to their rugged, resistant designs, Crosscall smart devices are ideal for use in physically challenging environments such as warehouses, cold storage and outdoors,” he adds.

Kemtek is confident that the African market for rugged smartphones is growing. The durability of the smartphones and long warranty means there are fewer breakages and customers will not have to renew or replace mobile devices as regularly, which means they will enjoy a lower total cost of ownership over the long-term, concludes Broude.



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