Its competitive pricing means it offers a lot of space for the cash when compared with its rivals, meanwhile and of course none of them can match Kia’s seven-year, 100,000-mile warranty. 

For our money, the e-Niro is still best served with a bigger battery, but if you don’t need the superior range and you are worried about the cost of battery replacement in the future, this 39kWh e-Niro proves that a smaller battery can in fact be a big asset. 

Telegraph rating: Four stars out of five

The facts

On test: Kia e-Niro 39kWh 2

How much? £29,845 on the road*

How fast? 96mph, 0-62mph in 9.5sec

How economical? 6.5mpkWh (WLTP Combined)

The oily bits: N/A

The electric bits: AC permanent magnet synchronous motor with 39kWh Li-ion battery, Type 2/CCS charging socket

Electric range: 180 miles (WLTP Combined)

CO2 emissions: 0g/km

VED: £0

Warranty: 7 years / 100,000 miles (unlimited miles in first three years)

Boot size: 451 litres

Spare wheel as standard: No (not available)

The rivals

Mazda MX-30 SE-L Lux

143bhp, 124 miles, £25,545 on the road*

Its 36kWh battery isn’t vastly smaller than the e-Niro’s, but MX-30 is much less efficient, and the result is a stark difference in the two cars’ range. The Mazda’s also considerably less roomy, but on the plus side it’s cheaper, more stylish, and beautifully finished inside. 

Peugeot e-2008 Active Premium

134bhp, 207 miles, £30,680 on the road*

The e-2008’s greater range might just be enough to give it the edge over the e-Niro, and with its beautifully styled – if slightly idiosyncratic to use – interior, it feels a little more special too. But the e-Niro just edges the e-2008 on space, and on comfort too. 

Volkswagen ID3 Pro Life 

143bhp, 263 miles, £28,670 on the road*

With a much better range-to-price ratio, it’s hard to argue that the ID3 is still the best affordable electric car out there at the moment, and it feels just a bit more special than the e-Niro inside. It’s beaten here on space, though, and can’t match that enormous warranty. 

* After £3,000 Government plug-in vehicle grant (PiCG) is taken into account

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