LEGO's new R2D2 set on a table in modern home

Gather round, Star Wars fans, LEGO just announced a new must-have construction set for the ultimate fan: R2D2. Soon you’ll be able to recreate your own highly-detailed version of the most lovable droid in the galaxy.

LEGO R2D2 is a massive build, with an impressive 2,314 brick count. The wondrous set features a retractable mid-leg, rotating head, and periscope. It even has hidden tools tucked away, including a lightsaber hilt in a secret compartment in R2D2’s head—a fantastic callback to Return of the Jedi, and a detail that should make every Star Wars fan giddy with joy.

Because the set is so detailed, it makes for the perfect gift for LEGO fans and Star Wars fans alike, and even for those who just love large building projects. The R2D2 replica, once completed, looks great on display especially sat next to its special Lucasfilm 50th anniversary commemorative LEGO brick.

Lucasfilm is spending 2021 celebrating half a century of storytelling with a range of fun Star Wars products. This set will only be available for purchase on LEGO’s site and through LEGO Stores globally, starting on May 1. Pricing is $199.99 EUR/USD, and 179,99 GBP.

Source: LEGO



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