Towards the end of its keynote at the all-digital 2021 CES, South Korean electronics major LG teased a new smartphone called the LG Rollable. As evident from the name, the talking point about the LG Rollable is its rollable display. Unfortunately, we did not get any more information about a possible launch or detailed technical information about the product. 

Like all other manufacturers, LG had to settle for a digital keynote this time in the 21st edition of a purely virtual CES. Those who stayed on until the end of their stream were well ‘rewarded’ for the perseverance because that was when the company officially talked about the LG Rollable

See for yourself.

Dubbed the “LG Rollable,” the new device lives up to its name and as evident from the video, gets a rollable display. The advantage of the rollable form factor is that it can transform from a tablet-sized monster to something more pocketable within a matter of seconds.

All things said this is not the first time we’ve seen technology like this. LG itself has been tinkering with TVs with rollable displays for a long time now and has recently brought them to production-ready status albeit with some delay. In addition, smartphone manufacturers OPPO and TCL have already tried these rollable displays through different prototypes.

The LG Rollable reminds us directly of the TCL model, whose AMOLED display can grow from 6.75 inches to 7.8 inches with the help of internal motors. Take another look at David’s post from last year and see for yourself the similarity between these two exotic smartphones.

Annoyingly, LG did not reveal anything else all about this LG Rollable to the masses. Hence, we cannot provide you with any specifications, nor do we know of a release date. In fact, we don’t even know if LG is actually showing us a smartphone that’s ready for mass production, or if we’re just dealing with another concept phone.

However, should LG announce more details about this phone, you will definitely hear about it from all of us here at NextPit. 




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